Friday, May 20, 2011

Headed for the Great Outdoors

We are going on a little camping adventure this weekend. We're celebrating our 3rd Anniversary on Tuesday (May 24th), and this is our quick get-away since neither of us have had a lot of time to think about making big plans. And I think that it is just the perfect little idea. I love camping. I can't wait to eat yummy camp fire food and hang out in the outdoors.

But this will be my (and our) first time camping without my Mom & Dad! So I have a feeling I will leave with a new appreciation for just how much work my Dad always does to make camping trips a success. Actually, I had the idea of going camping just the two of us a while back, but was feeling a little bit like a child that needed my daddy there to protect me... but I quickly remembered that Lee is a grown man, and can serve that purpose just as well. So I texted Lee the idea. He responded "Without your Dad? I think I would be scared!" ...hahaha! It made me laugh. But this time, once we actually started talking about a real camping trip actually happening, the topic didn't even come up. I think we are both growing up. We're gonna brave the wild all by our little selves.
(The picture above is us braving it in the Grand Tetons last year for our second anniversary)

I gotta get to packing up the gear, so I am off! Lee's flight lands in just a few hours and we will be on our way. Enjoy your weekend :)

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