Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You're a sucker.

The commercials during the Olympics really pull at my heart strings... You know they're good when the tears well up just before the commercial ends, as they give the product they're promoting... Here are a couple that get me every time.

Ugh! I just watched them again and they didn't disappoint! I'm putty in the advertisers' hands.

Monday, February 22, 2010

"Your blog sucks."

Lee let me know. I'm glad we have each other to keep us in check.

I'm deep into the world of grad school, so I am finding it hard to think of witty and insightful thoughts to bring to my audience that don't center on the daily woes of a graduate student. Here is a nice summary of my daily existence:

title: "Ready, set..."

And I have sadly come to truly appreciate the website PhD Comics. I realize this makes me the ultimate of nerds, and I make my pledge to not bring up the latest comics in general conversation. But, these little strips of humor bring me the light that says that I am not alone in this bizarro world of academia. I stumbled upon this one that changed my life:

title: "Grad student etiquette"

I thought I was the only one who had physical reactions to the questions "What are you working on? How's that going?" or "When are you graduating again?" This one gave me the courage to come out of the closet. When I graduate, don't worry, the chorus of angels from heaven will let everyone know.

And for a couple of other updates that I know you guys have been in suspense over for far too long!... Jeff Probst did in fact bring up Shambo's mullet, and she DID have it on the finale! I knew she wouldn't let me down. And as for the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, the four dancers that I listed ended up being the final four, which I was very pleasantly surprised to see. Russell ended up winning, which I was a little surprised about, but was ok with. It's likely that no one remembers what I'm referring to, but ya know, just following through with my promises. Now we all have closure, whew.